New Studios Excel with BizeeBee
Posted on April 28, 2011 by Poornima in BizeeBee, Solutions

As a young studio just starting out, using Excel is great, but there are a few limitations to using it long term.

1. Expired Memberships

Students will want to know their membership status the minute they walk into class and you'll start to see a lot of expired memberships that aren't renewing quickly. BizeeBee provides an automated system that sends out emails and gives you an online store to make renewing memberships easy for you students.

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2. Limited Accessibility and Reporting

Having a spreadsheet is great if you're the only one who needs to access it, but if the owners want to see the weekly/monthly/yearly revenue you'll need to share the file with them and keep it up to date. With BizeeBee you can login from anywhere, see how much each student has bought, and total revenue for packages across various months.

3. Protecting and Backing up Data

You never know when your hard drive will crash, or when you'll forget your computer. With an internet based solution like BizeeBee you don't have to worry about backing up your data; we do it for you every hour! And you can access your account anywhere, anytime, and on any machine!

4. The IRS Audits Small Businesses the Most

IRS auditors think small business owners underpay their taxes compared to other businesses, and they know that owners keep poor records, hence every year they are the most audited demographic. To protect against auditing you want to record income and expenses. Staring off with BizeeBee helps track revenue numbers. We also send you your data to import into QuickBooks or other accounting solutions.

As your business grows you will be able to simply manage your business finances, provide revenue reports and access your information from anywhere. Unlike Excel, BizeeBee has a team that is always ready to help and answer questions.

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