Create your BizeeBee store and sell class cards online
Posted on May 8, 2011 by Poornima in Features, News

You asked and we listened! BizeeBee now offers a way to sell class cards online with your own online store! Get paid faster and make it easier for your students to purchase memberships.

In fact, with two easy steps, BizeeBee automatically creates a store for you: 1) Simply add your class cards in your BizeeBee account, make them visible, and 2) enter your PayPal email. With that, you’ll have an online store in minutes!

Why create a BizeeBee online store?

Tired of students forgetting to bring money to your studio to renew their class cards?
Send them an email with a link to your BizeeBee online store and they can pay online.

Why receive payments with PayPal?
PayPal is a proven to be easy to set up, and secure for transactions. Students do not need a PayPal account but can pay with any credit card. Store owners can easily track sales and reconcile them with BizeeBee.

Why do you need a BizeeBee online store?
BizeeBee will track the revenue you receive from your store, and tie it to student memberships. So you'll always know when a student is about to expire, they can renew their memberships immediately from anywhere!

How do I get started?

  1. Log in to BizeeBee.
  2. In Settings, enter your PayPal email address. Don’t have a PayPal account set up? Learn more and get one now.
  3. In Class Cards, select which class cards you want displayed on your store.
  4. Preview your store to see what it looks like.

What will my students see?

1. After your preview and send a Purchase Reminder, your students receive an email from your studio sent by BizeeBee.

2. They click the link and are directed to your store. (Their name and email will already entered).

3. At checkout they are directed to PayPal which securely processes all transactions. Students can pay by any credit card, (or their PayPal account if they have one).

How do I track sales?

  1. Review your PayPal sales records and look for student purchases.
  2. In BizeeBee, find the student’s individual record, and select “Record a Payment.”
  3. Choose “PayPal” for the Payment Method in the pull-down menu.

BizeeBee automatically lists online sales for your review.

We’re happy to explain more about how this works. Call (650) 489-6233 or email

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