Don’t Fear! 3 Ways to Retain Customers
Posted on February 17, 2012 by Poornima in BizeeBee, Solutions

New year resolutions start heading down the unresolved path in February, and while customers might still be signing up for your business there maybe less fervor than there was about 6 weeks ago.  Wondering how to convert all those customers into members who come back to your business throughout the year?

Here are 3 simple ways to use BizeeBee and avoid the February fall off!

1. Keep a Short List of Expired Customers

If you offer an introductory special, create a membership for it.

Track memberships using BizeeBee

Then as customers sign up you can record their expiration date.

Record customer and memberships then track expiration date

At the end of each week visit the Outreach tab to review all the customers who have expired, and send them an email reminder to renew and purchase a membership.

Track expired memberships using BizeeBee

If you really want to convert those customers into long term members then offer them a special to renew with 2 days of their expiration.  You can chose a grace period that you are comfortable with, but the shorter the more effective!

2. Reminders Lead to Renewals!

You’re probably very busy running your business, so have our staff remind customers that they are nearing their expiration period.  Even a gentle reminder on each visit can be effective, but the more reminders a customer receives the more likely they are to renew, and become a member. Watch this video on how to get members to renew.

3. Remind Those Who Haven’t Visited in Awhile

If you’ve been in business for more than a year, you’ll most likely have a long list of people people who came to your business and tried out a service.  Send these people a reminder too!  Sometimes customers just forget and get caught up with life.  You can even send them a friendly reminder like “We miss you!  Come check out our new service...”

Wondering where you can find that list of old customers?  Check your email for contacts, its a great place to start!

Search for customer contacts in your email account

If you don’t yet use BizeeBee for your membership business, sign up today, and keeping Marching on!

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