Victoria Klein: Making Yoga More Accessible
Posted on October 16, 2012 by Poornima in Interview

bizeebee interview with victoria kleinI met Victoria Klein at the beginning of this year when she participated in a BizeeBee Webinar with Racheal Cook.  After the webinar we exchanged a few emails in which she provided me some great suggestions for minimalist running.  From those few emails, I knew I wanted to get to know Victoria more so last week I got to chat with her.  As we were chatting I was marveling at how much this yogini has to teach others about yoga and life!

Victoria has a 12 year old yoga practice, that started in high school, after her mom attended a class at a local gym, and recommended that Victoria take it to help her manage stress and anxiety.  Most of us yogis know the many mental and health benefits of an ongoing yoga practice, but for Victoria it was so much more.  She desperately struggled with a debilitating case of depression right after high school, and it was her commitment to her yoga practice that pulled her through it, and made her a stronger person.

“Never turn down a yoga class!”  That’s Victoria’s motto.  Her personal practice is based on a study of Anusara, Ashtanga, and she teaches Hatha yoga with some Vinyasa.

Having experienced the life-saving benefits of yoga first hand, Victoria has gone on to share this with others.  Since graduating from teacher training in June this year, she has been teaching locals in Oceanside, CA.  She’s also been reaching out to Marines, and others who suffer from PTSD and other forms of stress and anxiety, sharing her own personal story to emphasize how influential and beneficial yoga can be.

“Some people will try it once, and write it off completely,” says Victoria.  She knows that many first time practitioners will see her as a young tall blonde, and think that only she is capable of doing asanas.  To combat this perception she shares her personal story of battling depression, weight gain, and works hard to make a connection with each student to capture their interest and attention from the first encounter.

When I asked Victoria what the surprising part about teaching yoga was, she responded that as a self-proclaimed introvert she thought it would be hard to be up in front of a large group.  However, its actually been the easy part.  The hard part has been managing the business, but fortunately BizeeBee can help her with that!

bizeebee interview with victoria kleinIf being a yoga instructor who cares deeply about connecting with her students wasn’t enough, this yogini is also quite an accomplished writer too!  Her book 27 Things to Know About Yoga is being distributed by yoga colleges across the world.  Its a great read for first time practitioners who might be apprehensive about starting a yoga practice, but if you’re a long time yogi you could still benefit from a refresher!

So what’s next for this prolific yogini?  Victoria says she’d like to attend a 500 teacher training, and focus on her mission of making yoga more accessible to those who need it by sharing her story amongst her community in Oceanside, CA.  I’m certainly looking forward to taking a lesson from her the next time I’m down in Southern California!

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  • Thank you so much for chatting with me, Poornima – it was a joy! Even more, thank you for featuring me on the website – what an honor 😀 <3