Meet the Bees

BizeeBee’s mission is to help fitness studios and other membership based businesses across the world grow their business.

We offer a simple product that mindfully makes you more money, keeps your customers coming back, and cuts down on the need for expensive equipment.

BizeeBee also has a number of partnerships with graphic designers, bloggers, business coaches, accountants, and other business professionals, who work with BizeeBee to develop educational content and services such as webinars.

Poornima Vijayashanker

CEO and Founder Poornima is a software engineer and entrepreneur. She was one of the first engineers at, a startup, which was acquired by Intuit. Prior to joining startup land she studied Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Duke University. Poornima has been a devoted yogini for the past 8 years, competes in Bikram Yoga, and runs half marathons. She was inspired to start BizeeBee after consulting with local businesses looking to improve their management practices.

David Grieser

Problem Solver – Development David earned his BS in Computer Science from South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. In David’s words, "If there is logic in it, we can build it."

Katharine Agostino

Scout Bee – Sales Katharine is a yoga instructor and business development specialist. She has taught yoga for over a decade in several countries and is passionate about offering yoga to all ages and sorts of people. Currently she is teaching for local YMCAs, Stanford, and Pacific Athletic Club. Previously, she was the Director of Business Development for eBags International and National Sales Manager for Sounds True Inc. Bizeeee gives her the chance to merge her passion for yoga with her love of business development. She’s a mom of two rowdy boys under the age of 3 so she needs a lot of yoga to stay calm.

Samihah Azim

Product Manager + Designer Samihah is a product manager and a designer focused on user experience. Prior to joining BizeeBee, Samihah worked in gaming as a Design Product Manager. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and is passionate about delighting users and defining products. She’s a self-described foodie who also loves to travel, play video games, and enjoys hiking.

Alex Notov

Technical CO-Founder Alex has over ten years experience building rich internet applications with a focus on UX/UI and front end development.

Lyndi Thompson

Marketing Buzz Bee Lyndi is a customer-focused online marketing strategist for small and large businesses. She studied Marketing and Business in Seattle. In addition to her work at BizeeBee, teaches social media tools and strategy to small businesses and is passionate about the entrepreneurial community. She also enjoys volunteering for non-profits and spending time with her horses. She is also expecting her first daughter at the end of April 2012.

Nirmala Vijayashanker

Helper Bee Nirmala’s has focused her career on helping small businesses with their finances for 20+ years. She serves as an accountant, bookkeeper, and tax preparer. She has worked with Classic Pianos in Portland, Oregon, TexasMedClinic in San Antonio, Texas, and more recently web startups like BizeeBee and SpeakerText.

Each of us comes to work everyday excited to share a common dream.

A dream in which people are part of a community, they are healthier, happier and ready to to make big impacts in their world. Small businesses like ours, enrich the live of others by spending each day teaching and servicing them.

BizeeBee Network:
Started in 2010, BizeeBee is a technology startup that is supported by amazing organizations. Here are a few of them: