Billing Policy

Effective Date: July 25th, 2012


This Billing Policy is subject to the terms and conditions of BizeeBee’s Terms of Use Agreement and is incorporated by reference into and made a part of the Terms of Use Agreement.  Capitalized terms that are used but not defined herein shall have the meanings provided in the Terms of Use Agreement.  Usage of BizeeBee’s Service constitutes your acceptance to BizeeBee’s Billing Policy.

1.                Subscription Fees

  1. The Service is offered to you in various subscription plans based on feature usage.  If you have signed up for a subscription plan that requires monthly payments (“Subscription”), you agree to pay BizeeBee all relevant subscription fees and charges, and any other fees and charges which BizeeBee may now or in the future charge you in connection with the Service plan you subscribed for, and any modifications or additions (collectively, “Subscription Fees”).  All Subscription Fees are exclusive of any applicable taxes and other charges and you are solely responsible for the payment of any such taxes and other charges which may be imposed on your Subscription. You will pay BizeeBee all Subscription Fees monthly on a recurring basis (or such other period basis as BizeeBee may specify).
  2. BizeeBee may at any time, at its absolute and sole discretion, modify the Subscription Fees or add new fees or charges to the Subscription Fees.  BizeeBee will provide you with advance notification of any such modifications or additions to the Subscription Fees through email, posting on the Site or by such other means as BizeeBee may determine at its sole discretion. If you are unwilling or unable to accept and promptly pay when due any such modifications or additions to the Subscription Fees, you should terminate your Subscription with BizeeBee and immediately stop using the Service.  By continuing your Subscription after any such modifications or additions to Subscription Fees, you accept and agree to pay all such modifications or additions to the Subscription Fees.

2.                Payment for Subscription Fees

  1. Currently we use PayPal and Balanced, a registered DBA of Pound Payments Inc. (“Balanced”) as our third party payment processors to process your Subscription Fees and other payments on our website, depending on the type of Service plan you subscribe for.  PayPal is able to provide international payment process services and Balanced is currently able to provide payment process services in the United States only.  Your payments are subject to any additional terms and conditions imposed by the relevant third party payment processor.  We reserve the right to change or add third party payment processors from time to time at our sole discretion.  All authorized charges of your Subscription Fees will be billed to a valid credit card or debit card designated by you when you established your account with the third party payment processor (the “Payment Card”).  It is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover the charges.  BizeeBee has no liability for overdraft or other fees that you may incur as a result of the processing of your payment by the third party payment processor. In the event that you cancel your Payment Card, your Payment Card is terminated, or your Payment Card is otherwise invalid, you shall promptly provide the third party payment processor with a new valid Payment Card number.  If any payment of the Subscription Fees due is not received by BizeeBee, you agree to pay all amounts due upon demand by BizeeBee.
  2. In the event that you do not provide the third party payment processor with a valid Payment Card number, your Payment Card does not have sufficient credit or funds, your Payment Card is otherwise invalid or you do not pay all Subscription Fees when due, you will be deemed to be in violation of the Terms of Use Agreement and this Billing Policy, and BizeeBee may, at any time, at its option and at its sole discretion, suspend or terminate your Subscription, and/or pursue all available remedies at law or equity.

3.                Billing Cycle

  1. You will be billed on your Payment Card for your Subscription Fees on the subscription anniversary day each subsequent month (“Billing Date”), and the period of time between any two Billing Dates is referred to as a billing cycle.  Your Subscription will be automatically renewed each month unless you cancel the Subscription as described in Section 5 of this Billing Policy.
  2. You may upgrade or downgrade the Service plan you subscribed for at any time.  The increased Subscription Fees for upgraded Service plan will be effective on the date of the upgrade and will be billed to you on a new Billing Date, which is the anniversary date of the update of each subsequent month.  The decreased Subscriptions fees for downgraded Service Plan will not be effective until the next billing cycle, using the original Billing Date.
  3. By authorizing BizeeBee to charge your Payment Card for the Subscription Fees, you are authorizing BizeeBee to automatically continue charging that Payment Card (or any replacement card if the original card is renewed, lost, stolen, or changed for any reason by the card issuer) for all Subscription Fees, unless you cancel the Subscription or until you notify us of a billing change request.  You authorize the card issuer to pay any amounts described herein and authorize BizeeBee to continue to attempt to charge all due and owing Subscription Fees to your Payment Card account until such amounts are paid in full.

4.                Late Payments

  1. Daily interest shall accrue on any Subscription Fees that are not paid when due at a rate per annum equal to the lesser of (i) eighteen percent (18%) per year, computed on the basis of a year of 360 days and for the actual number of days elapsed (including the first day but excluding the last day) until payment of all outstanding amounts, or (ii) the maximum rate of interest permitted under applicable law.  
  2. Notwithstanding the forgoing, if any amount owing by you for our Service is 30 or more days overdue, we may, without limiting our other rights and remedies, suspend our Service to you until such amounts, including interests, are paid in full.  During the suspension period, you will not be able to login to your account, but your data will still be stored online and backed-up.
  3. 5.                Cancellation of Subscription
  4. Your Subscription will be automatically renewed each month until it is cancelled by you.  In order to cancel your Subscription, you must either contact us, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard/Daylight Saving Time at (650) 489-6233 or e-mail us at  Cancellation request must be received by us at least thirty days prior to the date of cancellation.
  5. Upon cancellation, your Subscription Fees starting on the first day after your last Billing Date and ending on the cancellation date will be billed to you on a pro-rated basis to your Payment Card on the cancellation date.  Cancellation of Subscription does not relieve you from paying any outstanding balance owed on your account.

6.                Billing Disputes

  1. If you dispute the amount of Subscription Fees we billed to your Payment Card, you agree to submit a claim within thirty days after the disputed charge.  To the fullest extent permitted by law, you waive all claims against us related to payments unless you submit the claim to us within thirty days after the disputed charge.
  2. You are responsible for an agreement to reimburse us for all reversals, charge-backs, claims, fees, fines, penalties and other liabilities incurred by us (including costs and related expenses) that were caused by or arising out of payments that you authorized or accepted.
  3. If you believe that an unauthorized or otherwise problematic transaction has taken place under your account, you agree to notify our third party payment processor immediately so that our third party payment processor will take action to prevent financial losses.  You acknowledge that any disputes arising out of unauthorized transaction, billing errors due to technical failure or interruption of Service relating to our third party payment processor will be resolved solely between you and our third party payment processor.  You agree not to hold us liable for any losses arising out of such disputes.