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In about 6 days I will be celebrating my 3 year anniversary of founding BizeeBee!  Running BizeeBee has been an exciting and worthwhile adventure for myself and my team, mostly due to the wonderful community of fitness businesses that are our customers. Towards the end of last year we received a lot of great feedback from potential customers regarding our existing solutions: Membership Manager and Billing.  While these two solutions met the needs of independent fitness studios and private instructors, helping them grow their businesses, there were additional services that the larger community of fitness professionals desperately needed.  Here’s what most finess professionals told us they would like to see us provide them: A light weight online presence to attract more students that doesn’t require a lot of time or money to setup. A complete and comprehensive technology solution that includes a domain, web hosting, student registration, ability to take

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We received a requests from yoga retreat companies and others who teach workshops requesting to use the BizeeBee online store to sell their services and packages.  Many found that the wording for ‘credits’ and ‘unlimited’ was confusing to their customers. So we went ahead and removed the wording altogether to make it easier for you to sell! Remember the other benefits of using the BizeeBee online store: No data entry!  As your customers make purchases their info is automatically entered into your BizeeBee account. Sell unlimited packages!  Unlike most online store providers who limit the number of services you can sell with the BizeeBee online store you can sell as many as you’d like. No coding!  You don’t need to worry about hiring a developer or designer to make your BizeeBee online store.  You can set yourself up within minutes!

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We’re thrilled that its been only 2 1/2 months since launching BizeeBee Billing, and businesses using it are immediately seeing how easy it is to get paid!  We know a number of them have asked for improvements.  Here are the ones we’ve made this week. Managing Customers Cards Credit cards expire, get declined, or customers hit a credit limit, to manage all these issues we’ve introduced two features this week.  The first is the ability to edit a customer’s credit card.  The second is to add additional credit cards.  When you go to complete a purchase for your customer you can pick the credit card you want to charge.  The big benefit of doing this is you no longer have to worry about the woeful-walletless-customer, and they will of course still receive their email receipt!   Accepting Debit Cards There may have been some confusion when taking debit cards because

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For the past 2 years we’ve heard from countless memberships businesses that they need to setup automatic credit card payments for monthly memberships.  Believe me I have wanted to build and deliver this feature for quite sometime now! But I didn’t want the BizeeBee team to just give you the same functionality that you could get from any other software provider or bank.  I know how bizee small business owners are, so I wanted to build the most streamlined product on the market to make it easier for you to get paid faster!  Myself and the BizeeBee team invested about a year to research and negotiate with the right payment providers, and then spent the last 6 months putting in some much needed plumbing to bring you this functionality! One word will describe why BizeeBee Billing’s autopay feature is the best in the market: simplicity. We aim to provide simplicity

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Another much requested feature is out the door and in your BizeeBee account this week: a date filter for the Attendance Graph on the Dashboard Tab.  You can now pick any date range you want to see attendance data for.  We’ll work on incorporating this for other charts shortly!