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Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of our BizeeBee customers Michele, who owns a Zumba business. Michele operates as a studioless business, in which she and a group of Zumba instructors whom she manages, teach out of a community center in North Carolina. Michele has been operating her Zumba business for a little over 6 months. However, running businesses isn’t new to Michele. She’s built up a number of them, and has been able to do so successfully, because she understands the importance of having a system in place! When she discovered BizeeBee 6 months ago, she was searching for a solution that would help get her business off the group. What drew her to BizeeBee was that it was simple solution that met the needs her small but growing Zumba business. Since joining BizeeBee, Michele and I have been exchanging emails for awhile, and

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You have been hooked to yoga for years, practicing consistently, and now you wish to share your knowledge of the practice with others by becoming a yoga instructor!  As you embark on this new journey, you might decide to work at a yoga studio, and teach private lessons as well.  If you have even the slightest interest in turning your teaching practice into a business then you’ll need to think about how you’re going to keep track of your students.  Your students will become your initial client base. Given that you’re operating with limited time and resources, we came up with a solution to help private instructors such as yourself focus on what you love to do, teach!  By incorporating a BizeeBee online store into your website you’ll get paid and keep track of students easily.  No need to go through an enter data each time you each.  Or worry

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Just like you encourage your new members to visit you regularly through an introductory special to see results, we know business owners experience the benefits of BizeeBee when they use it regularly during their trial period.  We know that you’ll get the best experience during your trial if you have all your members’ data in you BizeeBee account!   We understand that a lot of things come up while setting up and running a new studio.  Keeping the track of members and all the member data organized is one of the important but tedious task if done manually. We want to help make it easier for you to get your member data into BizeeBee.  So we simply suggest that you just send us your data and we’ll import it for you for FREE!  (If you choose to leave or cancel your account at any time we’ll also export your data

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“Bizeebee has been a HUGE help to me and your customer service is excellent.” – Heidi, Yoga Studio Owner, Satya Yoga At BizeeBee we are more than happy to help you.  So if at any time you need help or you have any queries or issues we have the following support channels available for you: 1. Chat You can directly reach us between 9am-5pm PST through online chat using the chat window at the right hand side bottom of the BizeeBee website, which say Contact us! 2. Email  You can even email us your inquiries to and we shall respond to you with the solution usually within 24 hours. 3. Video Tutorials We have created a series video tutorials for you to learn and setup BizeeBee in an easy and efficient manner.  You can access the video’s on BizeeBee’s YouTube video channel located here. 4. Blog The BizeeBee blog is a

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We know that if you have a young studio or fitness business your needs will change over time, especially as it grows.  At BizeeBee we do our best to support your growth, but we also want to keep our product simple to meet the needs of those who are just starting out!  Because there just aren’t a lot of tools out there to help the new studio owner.  We also know a new studio owner doesn’t have time to train staff or learn a complicated system.   There may come a time when you might outgrow BizeeBee, and need a different solution.  We don’t want to stand in the way of your success.  So to make the transition easy and painless we don’t enforce a contract, we make it convenient for you to leave when you need to, and we will happily export all your data for you free of