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  While working in the yoga industry in various capacities since 2008,  Kara and Mel noticed that though the yoga industry in US is propelling to a $10B industry, yoga teachers barely make ends meet each month.  A large number of seasoned teachers who put in a lot of extra effort to make classes and trainings fantastic, but aren’t being compensated for their efforts.  This was the problem that inspired the birth of: The Yoga Recipe, the goal being to foster the teacher-teacher relationship.   The Yoga Recipe started with a mission to create an energy and monetary exchange between seasoned and new teachers that elevates both the yoga community and most importantly the students.  Unlike most of the resources available,  The Yoga Recipe is based on teacher resource and focus on teacher-teacher relationship.   The Yoga recipe was launched in May 2013 and is currently in beta phase.  The

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As a yogi who has been avidly practicing for almost 9 years now, I’m always fascinated by yogis who have been practicing for even longer than me, and especially those who are teachers! Their dedication to sharing their knowledge and practice is something that we can all learn from. My curiosity for how they live and why the teach led to me to reach out to Pradeep who is a prominent yoga instructor in San Francisco, CA. I wanted to learn about his journey, and understand the challenges this prolific instructor experiences as he furthers his teachings and practice. Lessons from Life in an Ashram Pradeep lived and worked in an ashram for many years. Ashram life is filled with routine and rigor. Pradeep would begin each day with meditation, chanting, a yoga practice, followed by reading, a pooja, and only have time in the evening for self reflection and

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bizeebee interview with victoria klein

I met Victoria Klein at the beginning of this year when she participated in a BizeeBee Webinar with Racheal Cook.  After the webinar we exchanged a few emails in which she provided me some great suggestions for minimalist running.  From those few emails, I knew I wanted to get to know Victoria more so last week I got to chat with her.  As we were chatting I was marveling at how much this yogini has to teach others about yoga and life! Victoria has a 12 year old yoga practice, that started in high school, after her mom attended a class at a local gym, and recommended that Victoria take it to help her manage stress and anxiety.  Most of us yogis know the many mental and health benefits of an ongoing yoga practice, but for Victoria it was so much more.  She desperately struggled with a debilitating case of

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I was originally introduced to Rebecca Pacheco of OmGal about a year ago through a mutual friend and avid yogi who had studied under Rebecca.  Since being introduced I’d been looking forward to talking to another female entrepreneur who shares so many of the same interests as me: yoga, running, writing, and technology.  However, it took nearly a year for the two of us to align our schedules so that we could actually sit down for a phone call, chock it up to being bizee entrepreneurs! Patchwork Quilt Like myself Rebecca has had interesting and wide ranging experiences that have inspired many successful career transitions throughout her lifetime. Practicing yoga for more than half her life, and teaching for 12+ years has led Rebecca to  have a deep appreciation for the practice.  She began her yoga career as an instructor at gyms, and then went to work under Baron Baptiste.

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Leader in technology, engineer, woman founder, mentor, runner and cook – this only begins to describe our founder and CEO Poornima. Get inspired while getting to know her better and hearing her passion for small businesses, her team and mentoring. TechCrunch reporter Semil Shan interviews Poornima highlighting her story on how she became an engineer and hot topics like women in technology. She also touches on her philosophy of building a team and particularly on providing flexibility. Towards the end of the video Poornima shares her experience of coming up with the concept for BizeeBee. A concept that in only a few short years has evolved into a simple membership management software used by fitness studios, continuing education instructors and more around the world! She tackles tough business questions with a vision of a push button solution for small businesses looking to track revenue, sell memberships online, and improve customer retention. “How do you take