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We’re thrilled that BizeeBee was featured this month in Entrepreneur. The article by Kim Wood highlights the journey of our CEO & Founder, Poornima Vijayashanker, from avid yoga practitioner and software engineer, to building software that keeps yoga studios in balance!  It also talks about the importance of using simple management tools to keep track of students and grow a community of practitioners. Check out the story here.

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Bootstrapping her company with her earnings from Mint, Vijayashanker started BizeeBee in 2010 and now has more than 500 fitness and yoga studios, mostly in the U.S., as clients. The businesses can simply use BizeeBee to manage their membership lists, entering each student into the system and scheduling regular communication, such as email reminders about classes. “We’re trying to establish ourselves as a company that’s going to help other small businesses grow.” – Poornima Vijayashanker, CEO and Founder of BizeeBee Read the full article

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TigerStartups recently showcased BizeeBee as an Online Solution for Small Business to Grow And Manage Their Members.  The article highlights how CEO & Founder Poornima Vijayashanker used her passion for yoga and experiences volunteering for studios to create a solution to help membership-based businesses and organizations keep a track of and grow their businesses.  It also goes into detail about the types of businesses using BizeeBee, and who is supporting this up-and-coming startup.

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Leader in technology, engineer, woman founder, mentor, runner and cook – this only begins to describe our founder and CEO Poornima. Get inspired while getting to know her better and hearing her passion for small businesses, her team and mentoring. TechCrunch reporter Semil Shan interviews Poornima highlighting her story on how she became an engineer and hot topics like women in technology. She also touches on her philosophy of building a team and particularly on providing flexibility. Towards the end of the video Poornima shares her experience of coming up with the concept for BizeeBee. A concept that in only a few short years has evolved into a simple membership management software used by fitness studios, continuing education instructors and more around the world! She tackles tough business questions with a vision of a push button solution for small businesses looking to track revenue, sell memberships online, and improve customer retention. “How do you take

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BizeeBee’s CEO Poornima Vijayashanker was recently interviewed by American Express Open Forum.  In the interview she shares her techniques for marketing on a startup budget.  Read this article to learn more techniques from young CEOs like Poornima on running a company, networking, handling employees, using technology, and how why they shouldn’t be seen as inexperienced but innovative!