Dance Business Grows Step-by-Step

You Empower Members with Movement: We Power Your BusinessBeMoved dance business bizeebee

One of our BizeeBee customers Mary Heller  is a licensed BeMoved® instructor who has made a career out of improving the lives of her students through the power of movement.  BeMoved® was designed by Sherry Zunker, it is a dance class that encourages participants of all ages and skill levels to get up and dance!

Mary is on her way to teaching and owning a successful dance business!  Learn more about Mary dance instruction business.

The biggest challenges Mary faces as a dance business owner?

Growing a business as I do 4 other jobs.  The business was started in September 2011.

How long has Mary been using BizeeBee?

Since January 2012.

How did Mary hear about BizeeBee?

From Mark McKinney friend and c0-owner of Nourish Yoga, who also uses BizeeBee!

How has BizeeBee helped Mary?Bumble Bee Plan

  • online access from anywhere
  • being able to track class attendance

BizeeBee has helped tremendously in keeping track of all my clients at the 3 different places I must keep attendance for!

If you're bizee like Mary let the bees help you grow your dance business!