Frequently Asked Questions

General Product Questions

What is BizeeBee?

BizeeBee is a cloud based software solution that manages memberships for a number of businesses like: private fitness instructors, fitness studios, and class-based businesses (performing arts, writing).BizeeBee save you time when registering new members, taking attendance, keeping members up-to-date with their membership status, and automatically provides you a hi-level view of your business’s financial health, no more tallying up receipts or piecing data together yourself!

What can I do with BizeeBee?

  • Register members
  • Track the status of memberships
  • Record purchases.
  • Set up a BizeeBee online store to see more.
  • Check members in (take attendance).
  • Automatically email members a Thank You and Reminders to renew memberships.
  • Create “1-click” lists so you can quickly reach out to members based on attendance and purchase behavior.

…more features and improvements added every month!

Do I need training to use BizeeBee?

Not at all. Bizeebee is easy to use. Our goal is to develop solutions that are simple, useful and require no training. Any studio owner, instructor, or volunteer can easily add members, record payments, and check members in to class.

Can I accept credit card payments with it?

Yes! With a BizeeBee online store your members can buy packages online and pay by credit card.

In two easy steps, BizeeBee automatically creates a store for you:

  1. Simply add your package in your BizeeBee account, make them visible
  2. Enter your PayPal email. With that, you’ll have an online store in minutes.

Do you offer scheduling?

We do not offer scheduling. Most of our businesses use Google calendar to make internal scheduling easy for multiple instructors to see.

Can I take attendance and check-in members?

Absolutely! Once you record a purchase (including the amount and how many credits the purchase is worth), then every time you check in a member, BizeeBee deducts that credit and calculates how many visits remain for that member.

How do I take attendance and check-in members?

Super simple.

1. Go to the Members tab

2. Click on Take Attendance link on the right

3. Enter the class, instructor and date

4. Enter the member's name or browse through your members list

5. Enter the number of credits you want to deduct (e.g. 1 credit = 1 class). Select Take Attendance button.

BizeeBee does the rest!

Can I take attendance for multiple classes?

Yes you can take attendance for multiple classes.

Can I see how much money my business made in a day?

No. Currently you can see monthly totals for every package (class card) that you sell.

Is using BizeeBee faster than using paper sign-in or excel spreadsheets?

BizeeBee is faster than paper if you want to search for a member’s name, and know the status of their membership.

Excel spreadsheets can be faster if you are on a slow internet connection. One benefit among others to using BizeeBee versus Excel is that we backup your data hourly.

Can members see their account status online?

No. You can show your members their membership details by:

1. Logging in and going to the Members tab
2. Search for a particular member’s name
3. Click on their name
4. See the status of the membership

Can members schedule a class online?


Does BizeeBee work for iPhones/iPad?

On an iPad you can use BizeeBee on the Safari browser.

Does BizeeBee work offline?

No. You will need to have internet to access your BizeeBee account. We do have a few businesses that do not have internet. They use signin sheets in combination with BizeeBee. After the day is over they take the sign-in sheets, and record attendance and purchases into BizeeBee.

I already have a member list (in a spreadsheet, on index cards, etc.). How do I import it?

No problem. If you sign up for a subscription plan we’ll import your student list and make sure you are all set to get started.

How can I export my data?

Send us an email with the dates you’d like us to export your data.

I’m used to running reports, I can’t find them on BizeeBee.

We’ve created a Dashboard that automatically displays all the data important for your business.  For example, as you record purchases you’ll see a revenue graph appear showing how much you’ve made each month, and what class cards you’ve sold. As you take attendance, you’ll see how many students have attended class each day this month.

Is my data safe?

BizeeBee knows how important your customer data is to you.  Your privacy is respected. All data is secure and backed up hourly.

Integrated Services Questions

Does BizeeBee provide a credit card reader?

No. You can sign up for Square or PayPal Here to swipe credit cards.

Does BizeeBee integrate credit card transactions from a credit card reader?

No. We display transactions processed on your BizeeBee online store.

How can I show my members the option to pay using a credit card on PayPal when they checkout from my BizeeBee online store?

You will need to have a PayPal Premier or Business Account. If you already have this type of account then here is the step to make it an option:

To turn the feature off, simply go to the Profile subtab, click on Website Payment Preferences under the Selling Preferences column, and check the yes/no box under PayPal Account Optional.

To find out more visit the PayPal website.

Does BizeeBee integrate with email marketing tools like Constant Contact, MailChimp and Vertical Response?

We integrate with MadMimi

Does BizeeBee integrate with QuickBooks?

No. We do provide monthly paying studios with an Excel spreadsheet that they can use to import their data into QuickBooks.

Does BizeeBee provide payroll processing?

No. However, here is a video on how to perform payroll tasks using the instructor chart.

Pricing & Monthly Subscription Questions

Does BizeeBee have a contract?

There is no contract to sign. You can cancel anytime. You are billed each month.

When will I be billed?

We'll send you an invoice at the beginning of the month based on the subscription plan you are, which is based on product usage.

Do you offer a discount for multiple studios?

We think our pricing is pretty fair for the value we offer. We recommend using one account per studio or business for proper accounting practices. But if you wanted you to you could use a single account for all your studios.

BizeeBee Business Questions

How long has BizeeBee been in business?

We were founded in January 2010, and launched our first product in December 2010.See how the business first started, the vision for it, and track our progress.

Do you have non-yoga customers?

Yes. We have a number of personal trainers, Zumba & dance studios, martial arts studios, performing arts centers, life coaches, and writing workshops.

How many customers does BizeeBee have?

BizeeBee services 600+ studios across the world. We have customers in the US, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, and UK.

Are you the same as Mindbody online?

We are cloud based software solution like MindBody.MindBody services small and large businesses such as fitness studios and spas in 75 countries with 50-500+ customers daily. It provides any and all features a business would need despite its size.BizeeBee’s core value is simplicity. We want business owners to be up and running the same day. We focus primarily on servicing small independent membership based businesses with 50-100 members daily. We do not service spas or businesses that service clients one at time. We service businesses that have many customers coming in at once such as those that offer classes. We also do not require you to sign any contracts, whereas most MindBody customers have a year long contract.