Introducing BizeeBee Billing!

Getting paid can be pricey & painful, you have to:

BizeeBee requires no lengthy approval process

Go through a lengthy approval process: Usually a week to apply for a merchant account, get a credit check, then a background check.

Sign a long term contract to lock-in a decent rate. At least 1 year.

Pay for hardware Expensive devices that cost hundreds of dollars to purchase.

Read the fine print or risk getting charged hidden fees. Monthly statement fees, fees per card type (Rewards, American Express, Discover, Debit, International Cards)

Deal with a lengthy payout process. 3-5 business days or limits on the amount of funds that can be transferred.

It almost makes you want to go back to taking cash, but then your customers will complain..

Take the Pain Out of Getting Paid with BizeeBee Billing!

Streamlined sign up process
Takes just minutes to sign up and get approved to process card transactions. No additional services to call or sign up for.

No Monthly Contract to Sign
Pay monthly subscription fee & collect payments from as many members as you'd like.

Take credit and debit card payment online.
BizeeBee Billing provides you with a virtual terminal. You enter each customer's credit card information once, then you can then charge future payments to their card. No need for re-entry as long as the card is valid. We will also alert you as cards expire and are declined.

Accept ANY credit or debit card for a flat fee.
American Express, VISA, Rewards, Discover, and one flat fee for all. New Pay ONLY the 4% transaction fee.

Next Day Payout
Receive funds in your bank account the next business day! You no longer have to wait to access your money.

You work hard, we've made it easy to get paid.
Safe. Secure. Simple.

How BizeeBee Billing Works

Sign Up for BizeeBee Billing Account - We think about security. Creating an account for BizeeBee billing allows you to have a separate login for billing, keeping all your date secure.

Get Setup to Take Credit Cards - You'll be directed to Balanced Payments to complete a one-time application to take credit cards. Just takes a moment to enter in your business information and personal information. Once you're approved you can immediantely start taking payments with credit and debit cards!

Enter Your Packages + Members

Or have us import them from your BizeeBee Memberships account.

When a Member wants to Buy a Service

Enter their credit card details into BizeeBee Billing once. The credit card is securely stored and can be used again to process future transactions.

Credit Card Transaction Authorized* Funds from the transactions will be available in your bank account the next day!

BizeeBee Billing Account Login to billing to see all your transactions and their status.

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Simple pricing. Secure processing. Speedy payout.

Request an account!

Application Approval To receive same day approval all information entered in the Balanced Payments Application must be valid (your legal name, SSN, Address, business's name, tax ID, address, and bank account.) BizeeBee Billing is only available for businesses with US Bank Accounts.

Balanced Payments Is a payment processor that handles escrowing & payouts to business's using BizeeBee.

Card Authorization Your customers still reserve the right to have their stored card removed. If the credit card has expired or declined transactions will not be successfully processed.

Chargebacks You as the business are responsible for 100% of chargebacks. If we experience high chargeback volume from your business we reserve the right to hold transaction processing until the chargebacks have been resolved.

Fee Structure We provide a clear and simple pricing structure, and the lowest rates possible for all card types. The monthly fee BizeeBee charges in addition to the transaction fee is to handle the cost of underwriting your business, and providing you new and improved features to ensure you get paid quickly!

Payout Schedule Funds from transactions that are processed by 3:30pm PST can be made available within 1 business day in the business's bank account. However, the bank account must be successfully verified by Balanced Payments.

Refunds Because we offer next day payout services and do not have access to the funds after they have been paid out to your business's bank account, you will be responsible for providing refunds for all transactions.

Security PCI Compliant and bank grade security. Balanced Payments also provides us with fraud prevention services. All credit and debit card information is stored encrypted.