Simplify Selling and Increase Sales!

BizeeBee makes it easy for you to sell online!  You'll get paid faster because its easier for your members to purchase and renew online.

Make it easy to buy & renew online!

Loosing money on expired memberships and tired of having to remind members to bring money to your business?

  • Eliminate costs and stress of playing phone tag with customers.
  • Add your BizeeBee online store badge to your website or Facebook page.
  • Track expired members and send them an email reminder from BizeeBee to your online store.
  • Members can pay online with a credit card anytime & anywhere!

An Easy to Create Online Store

    • No need to write code! You can login to BizeeBee and change what you offer anytime.
    • Unlimited Services. Sell as many packages, workshops, retreats or any other services you'd like!
    • Easy social sharing.  Click the share button to link your online store to your Facebook page.
    • Track the revenue you receive from your store, and tie it to student memberships. You’ll always know when a student is about to expire, they can renew their memberships immediately from anywhere!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.