Who Uses BizeeBee

If you are the kind of person that started a business because you are passionate, care about making a difference and love seeing people grow, boy do we want to talk to you! We work with all kinds of memberships businesses, with one thing at their core in common: they all improve the lives of others.

and more!

See, we believe in you. We believe in the power of a entrepreneur turning their passion not only into a successful business but a way to improve the lives of individuals everyday.

Mitzi a private instructor.

Mitzi's been practicing hatha yoga for 14+ years. Her yoga business is on-the-go, teaching classes at over 5 fitness studios, and even at the Huntsville Museum of Art!

"I'm bizzy takin' yoga class attendance with BizeeBee! I teach 13-15 classes per wk at 9 different locations... BizeeBee keeps me organized and sane! :)"

Geoffrey a new studio owner.


For the past decade Geoffrey has been focused on teaching yoga with an emphasis on alignment. Instructing practitioners at studios such as YogaLoft in SF, through workplace wellness programs, and sharing his techniques with evacuees of Hurricane Katrina and athletes with disabilities.

In the fall of 2010 he opened his first studio in New Orleans, LA.

"As a first time studio owner, I wanted a simple computer system that could help manage my business so that I could focus on what I really love to do -- teach yoga. BizeeBee has delivered precisely what I was looking for. I am delightfully surprised at how user-friendly their program is. And their staff has been so friendly and responsive to all of my questions that I would recommend them to anyone."

Anna-Lee a Zumba studio owner:

"Planet-Zumba has had MANY PEOPLE come through its doors since February 2010 to experience our Zumba classes.  Planet-Zumba offers a "First Time Free," and several class package options, so I needed the ability to ACCURATELY keep track of names, dates of attendance, and when class packages were purchased.  BEFORE I found Bizeebee's online software, I was using an Excel spreadsheet.  It was working okay, BUT not nearly AS EFFICIENTLY or conveniently as Bizeebee.  I started using Bizeebee in September of 2011, and since then, I have enjoyed the online access from anywhere, easily been able to look up client's attendance and purchase history, and I've enjoyed being able to track class attendance for several months at a time.  As I take attendance (which is a breeze, by the way!), I can easily see if someone is due for a new class package, and I'm glad for the option to send an email reminder, all through the Bizeebee program.  My class attendees appreciate getting an email reminder.  This way, they don't worry about keeping track of their attendance themselves.  I'm just a small business owner, and I appreciate BizeeBee's affordability, also!  Poornima and her team have been great to answer any of my questions, either through email or "chat" on my BizeeBee page.  I've been extremely happy that I found BizeeBee, and I'm thankful for the way it has helped to organize my business!  In short, it has given me confidence!  Thank you, Bizeebee!"


"BizeeBee is now one of the leading Yoga payment and management platforms on the web, and this is just the start. They’ve made a tool that is scalable, marketable, and fits a clear market need. And I could see it taking off to other verticals in no time on top of it."

J. Sanchez, Co-Owner of Mission Yoga in San Francisco, CA

“The thing that struck me the most about BizeeBee is the simplicity of the product. I am always looking for ways to streamline our process and make things easier at the front desk, so that we spend less time on the computer and more time with students.”
"BizeeBee is really good for new studios that are growing, glad we switched from using excel." -Maurice Cooper of Studio Yada, NY

Yoganomics -San Francisco, California

"Great business tips for yoga professionals. Not generic either: very useful."

Flow Yoga Magazine

"As a studio owner using Bizeebee, you are also working directly with the development team providing feedback and suggestions to help the Bizeebee Development team create even better products."

NMotion - Mount Pleasant, SC

"We are now using an up and coming product called BizeeBee. It’s designed by some really hip folks from around the country, namely a grade A little chicky named Poornima who double majored at DUKE University in Computer Engineering and Computer Science (for real)."It’s a lot easier to manage and you [students] don’t have to sign up."

Buzz on the street!

Veronica a yoga studio owner.

"Poornima was great doing the walk thru of the system and also helped connect us with an amazing graphics designer for our logo.

I think Poornima and the system are great and I keep referring my friends with smaller businesses still operating old school with pencil and paper to switch."

Anna a private yoga instructor and blogger

"I'd recommend BizeeBee to any studio that wants to build a deep community among their students. In addition to its lovely design and in-depth functionality, BizeeBee provides a level of one-on-one connection and service that is unparalleled.  Together with BizeeBee, studios can go a long way to building the involved and invested community they desire."

Cynthia a studio owner

"My experience with BizeeBee has been so delightful.  Their staff is warm, responsive and thoughtful.  I corresponded directly with them when I had questions, and we share each other's information regularly with our respective communities."