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Getting a room full of students to soak up energizing music and dance is awesome. The effects are life long, improving their physical and mental health. While you are in the business of smile inducing workouts and results we are in business because we believe in entrepreneurs, like you.  Beyond growing a business we want to support you improving the lives of others.

One of our BizeeBee customers, Anna Lee Elquist turned her lifelong passion of dancing and 15 years of being a group fitness instructor into creating a successful Zumba business.

Planet-Zumba Grooving since February 2010

Anna's Zumba Business

Planet-Zumba offers a "First Time Free," and several class package options, so I needed the ability to ACCURATELY keep track of names, dates of attendance, and when class packages were purchased.

Why Anna Chose BizeeBee Over Other Tools

BEFORE I found Bizeebee's online software, I was using an Excel spreadsheet.  It was working okay, BUT not nearly AS EFFICIENTLY or conveniently as Bizeebee.

How Long Has Anna Been Using BizeeBee

I started using Bizeebee in September of 2011.

What Anna Loves the Most about BizeeBeeBumble Bee Plan
  • online access from anywhere
  • easily been able to look up client's attendance and purchase history
  • being able to track class attendance for several months at a time
  • easy access to customer support

As I take attendance (which is a breeze, by the way!), I can easily see if someone is due for a new class package, and I'm glad for the option to send an email reminder, all through the Bizeebee program.

My class attendees appreciate getting an email reminder.  This way, they don't worry about keeping track of their attendance themselves.

I'm just a small business owner, and I appreciate Bizeebee's affordability, also  Poornima and her team have been great to answer any of my questions, either through email or "chat" on my bizeebee page.

"I’ve been extremely happy that I found BizeeBee, and I’m thankful for the way it has helped to organize my business!  In short, it has given me confidence!  Thank you, Bizeebee!" - Anna Lee Elquist

Simplify the way you manage your business & get back to doing what you do best, teaching!